Up to 22Mbps speeds and unlimited data, now available wherever you live or work in Northumberland.

Now get connected FREE this month.

Avonline Broadband has been hand picked by Northumberland County Council as their satellite broadband partner. That means that we can get you connected to fast broadband straightaway - no waiting for years for BT to upgrade your network or even to find after the long wait that all you'll be getting is 2Mbps.

With satellite broadband from Avonline, we can get you connected to our 22Mbps service within a couple of weeks. With up to 22Mbps download speeds and up to 6Mbps upload speeds you can enjoy the best online experience right now. Fast internet, movie downloads, free phone calls and more.

We have a Regional Coordinator for Northumberland based near Kielder. You can email Elaine directly at [email protected] if you have a question. We can also arrange to come and demonstrate satellite where you live to groups both small and large with our mobile demonstration vehicle.

Avonline Broadband is the UK's largest satellite broadband provider. With more UK satellite broadband customers than any other provider, you can trust us to deliver.

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