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We were told they would need to spend £100,000 at the exchange to get a line to our house.  We were told lots of stuff and just got fed up with waiting. 

My parents live along the coast and they found out about this new Avonline broadband service and it was installed in a week and was okay. Now we are able to watch videos on YouTube which we could never do before.  It has opened up the whole entertainment side of the internet to us. It replaces the old BT line which was the only way to get phones before, as there is no mobile signal here.

I would certainly recommend it and have already spoken to other people in my village about satellite broadband.

Laura Bugler, Dorset

Before we used Avonline we had a very bad BT phone connection and nothing at all for internet. We thought there was no way we could get decent broadband.  Last year we switched to Avonline satellite broadband.  The new installation is great and both engineers were really helpful.

I would describe our new satellite broadband as life changing. Our only problem is that this new high-speed broadband is outstripping the power of our computer!

Judy Skelton, Derbyshire

Our Avonline satellite broadband has revolutionised our lives.  It makes it possible for me to easily transact business from home, which was always extremely difficult before.  I can use my iPad whenever I am and our children can keep in touch with their friends via Facebook whenever they visit us. The service from Avonline has been very good.

John Sykes, Huddersfield

When I moved here broadband was not as important as it is now and if I had to do without it today I would really struggle. For a few years now I have had satellite broadband and for the last six months have had the new Avonline service, which is much faster.  Satellite broadband is absolutely a lifeline for me and many others.  It works extremely well.

Jackie Cracknell, Yorkshire

Internet access is extraordinarily important to me.  I have been registered disabled and I work from home.  And as my business is computer related, Internet access is absolutely vital!

When we moved in to the village 18 months ago BT had a monopoly and so we went with them.  We were receiving just 0.7 Mb download speed which was pathetic.  BT did offer me one option – a 20 Mb leased line costing £6500 for installation and then £500 per month rental!

I explored every possibility in looking for a solution to the broadband problem and discovered Avonline, and our satellite broadband system was installed within two weeks of contacting them.  It has been in for nearly a year now. It's brilliant.

Compared to the previous broadband we had this is so fast and we have never had any downtime.  We have never experienced any slowdown at any time of the week.  Whether it is day or night satellite broadband is entirely reliable.

I mostly use it for work, uploading and downloading photographs, carrying out research and exchanging information with clients.  I am an IT consultant and build and repair all aspects of computers, especially Apple.

I would recommend satellite broadband for rural areas 100%!  Without satellite broadband I would have had to move home to somewhere that did have Internet access.

David Borley, Somerset

The service has now been operational for 8 months without any interruptions. I would highly recommend Avonline, they are very helpful and are willing to listen to your needs. They have a wealth of backup and knowledge and provide their customers with the service they need.

William Potter, Yorkshire

I have to compliment you on your engineer's work - he arrived on time, did a great job with the minimum of fuss. The support and service to date has been faultless and we are all enjoying the benefits of Broadband.

Eric Rogers, Gloucestershire

We live in a beautiful part of the country but broadband is just impossible to get via the telephone exchange or mobile phone network. We understand that this is partly due to the telephone cables being aluminium, not copper. So we cannot receive broadband down the phone line at all.

People in the next village can receive landline supplied broadband, but typically only get speeds of 0.5 to 1 Mbps. Similarly, broadband based on mobile signals is poor, due to patchy reception and no 3G.

Since June last year we have had the latest satellite broadband system from Avonline and everything is fine now.  It works a treat - you turn it on and it works perfectly, just like turning on a tap. I use broadband mostly for my work. If I did not have satellite broadband at home I would have to rent an office in a town near here.

Dr Brian Wells, East Yorkshire

Following our discussion yesterday I am really happy to recommend you to Scottish Enterprise. You were great to deal with - answered all my questions...and installed my system within 7 days.

Anna White, Berwickshire

The only way we could access the Internet in the past was to go to the North end of the island three quarters of a mile away and use a mobile phone dongle to get access via a laptop.
We therefore looked at other options and chose satellite broadband. Avonline Broadband installed a Tooway system two years ago and in March we upgraded to their new service, which uses the faster new satellite. We pay for 10 MB and that is what we get.  I make regular checks with various broadband speed checker sites and the download is always very close to what is advertised.

Satellite broadband delivers the signal to our offices and then it's distributed around the buildings via wifi.  Since we have had the new system there have not been any problems at all.  It's a fantastic system. It is a digital lifeline and we would really struggle to go back to the way we were before we had satellite broadband.

Steve Stansfield, Caernarfonshire