We have the experience of 14 years of helping customers to make sure that you have the right service and the right support.

Unlike the largest broadband companies, we still like to run things with a personal touch so you can get to know our team personally - great to know if you need some help.

Trusting Avonline

Here are us a few facts about us that we think are important when your choose a broadband provider.

  • We have the experience of connecting over 15,000 satellite broadband customers
  • We partner with the best satellite operators
  • Our UK based Helpdesk is available via low cost call number at all times
  • We have an in-house team of accredited professional installers
  • We are quality assured by the British Standards Institute 
  • As a part of Avonline Plc, we offer you the protection of a business providing technology services for over 35 years.

Our Partners

We use our experience to make sure that we can offer you the widest choice from the best satellite broadband services available in the market.

Avanti Communications

London based Avanti Communications has two next generation Ka satellites operational with a third under construction. As a business they are wholly engaged in the provision of satellite broadband services. At Avonline we use their newest satellite Hylas 2 in the UK & Ireland and In Spain, Hylas 1 that went operationally live in 2011.

Eutelsat (Tooway)

French based Eutelsat, provider of the popular Tooway service, is one of the world’s leading satellite operators with a fleet of 34 satellites. When launched in December 2010, KaSatTM was the most powerful broadband satellite in the world. Eutelsat has the widest coverage for broadband satellite covering Europe, Nordics and parts of Northern Africa.