Based in rural Dorset on the south coast of England, Sherborne Turf has been supplying high quality turf for over 35 years. As a family run business, expanding products and services was a critical requirement but lack of broadband was becoming an increasing problem.

Following discussions at the NFU annual conference, Sherborne Turf Managing Director Paul Harris chose NFU national satellite broadband partner Avonline Broadband to provide a satellite broadband service. Avonline installed the fast, and popular ToowayTM connection using he latest “Next Generation” Ka technology via the €350 million KA-SAT satellite.

 As an NFU member, Sherborne Turf was also able to benefit from the range of discounts offered by Avonline to all NFU members. These include discounts on installation costs and the VoIP telephone service that can be run over the satellite plus a free wireless router.

Mark Wynn, managing director at Avonline said “The farming community has been one of the largest beneficiaries of the latest Ka technology satellite broadband services. Now offering the download and upload speeds that allow businesses to operate effectively wherever they are situated, our satellite broadband service has seen excellent take-up across the UK and Europe."

As a partner to the satellite operator Eutelsat, Avonline Broadband is able to offer satellite broadband anywhere in Europe. Eutelsat’s KA-SAT service is unique in offering a superfast 6Mbps upload speed, faster than most ADSL and many fibre services. This enables farmers to conduct business online with confidence (and speed) including online submission of forms, returns and registrations.

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