As the UK’s largest satellite broadband provider, Avonline Broadband is a natural partner to the NFU to support the many thousands of rural farmers that desperately require a quality broadband connection for their business and their home.

Delivering satellite broadband since 2002, Avonline has connected over 10,000 rurally isolated customers to the latest satellite technology that now offers up to 22Mbps download speeds anywhere in the UK.

Unsurprisingly, Avonline has over 1,000 farming related customers – from farmers and farms, to farm tenants, farming businesses and site offices. Offering 100% coverage of the UK, Avonline’s wide range of satellite broadband services offer fast and reliable connections immediately to those rural locations highly unlikely to ever benefit from the investments being made in the expensive and slow roll-out of fibre networks out of the cities.

Mark Wynn, managing director at Avonline said “we have seen satellite broadband technology develop significantly over the last few years. We can now get people connected to a fast broadband service in a matter of days. For some people, this can almost be life changing allowing them to manage their home or business life online where they were previously completely disconnected. In the most rural locations, satellite broadband can mean choosing being staying at or moving from a location, a business succeeding or failing”.

For the farming community, a decent broadband is a necessity now - there is no option to wait and see if future network upgrades may deliver an acceptable service in years to come. With the increasing requirement through government agencies such as Defra and the EU to complete many forms and applications online, for most farms, getting connected to broadband becoming a critical concern.

All NFU members across the UK benefit from Avonline’s affiliation with the NFU, receiving discounted services and special offers. They have access to special helplines provided both by the NFU and Avonline and can get help on using the internet and making applications online if the have never done so before.

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