Managing a 500-acre farm, now heavily involved in biomass crops, was becoming a serious challenge on a slow and unreliable broadband connection. With his wife Liz also running an agricultural training business from home, things had just about reached breaking point.

Working alongside Northamptonshire County Council and the NFU, Avonline Broadband supplied a “next generation” Ka satellite system capable of delivering up to 22Mbps download speeds anywhere across the UK. Installing the discrete 74cm dish on the side of the farmhouse, within a couple of hours, the Wilkinson’s were receiving fast and reliable broadband on their new satellite system for the first time ever at their farm.

Bruce said “For the past five years we have had an unreliable, slow broadband service. Before satellite was installed managing business requirements online was difficult. Farmers are increasingly required to return reports to DEFRA online and for many that is a real problem so fast reliable broadband is very important to us.”

Mark Wynn, managing director at Avonline said “Our latest generation of satellite broadband services deliver download speeds of up to 22Mbps anywhere in the UK today. Everyone can get fast broadband right now via satellite, no matter where they live. There is no phone line needed and no lengthy wait for an upgrade programme. We were delighted to install our service at Bruce’s farm so he can enjoy a more reliable broadband connection and, as he says “stop banging the desk in frustration”.

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