As a Partner to the Police Federation we’re ready to provide you with a really fast and reliable broadband solution today – wherever you need it.

With billions of pounds are being spent delivering even faster Broadband across the UK, that’s great news if you are in a town or city centre. Sadly there are a lot of people who are not, which means no matter what you’ve seen or read, the likelihood of a fast, reliable and affordable service reaching you in the next few years are very slim.

Satellite Broadband from Avonline changes all of that.

Available to everyone in the UK, Avonline can offer you a fast 20Mbps broadband connection suitable for work and play. With one small satellite dish usually installed within a week, you could have fast 24 hour access to the world wide web to allow browsing, downloads, uploads, emails, telephone (Skype/VoIP), tv and video (i-Player, YouTube and Catch-up TV) and other on demand services.

No matter how remote your location, you can get fast broadband to your home or business today. Here’s what you need to know:

20Mbps Fast broadband available now... Not in 6 months time.

Next Generation 20Mbps satellite broadband leapfrogs the problems that fibre, copper and wireless systems face in reaching remote and rural customers, because it transmits two-way broadband traffic direct to a satellite in orbit.  So why wait for something that may never arrive when you can have superfast broadband now?

Anywhere, Anytime

It doesn’t matter where your home or business is - on the top of a mountain, in the middle of the countryside, in a small isolated village or near a town – if you can see the sky you can have satellite broadband.

Reliable fast broadband

Satellite offers you reliable download speeds of up to 20Mbps at a cost broadly comparable with traditional ADSL systems. Unlike traditional fixed line (ADSL) speeds, with satellite, you really can get 20Mbps download speeds and a fast 6Mbps upload speed.

Your Equipment

All you need is a small 74cm external dish linked by a single cable to an indoor modem. Avonline offers a nationwide installation service and most customers are connected in about a week.

Calls, OnDemand TV.... The full package in one.

Satellite Broadband from Avonline can also mean free telephone calls and subscription free HDTV. Using an internet telephone service such as Skype you can make free internet telephone calls. You can choose to upgrade to a full VoIP service including transferring your existing landline number making significant savings on annual line rental charges. With a small extension arm, you can also choose to access Freesat or Sky HDTV via your satellite dish.

Avonline Broadband is the UK’s largest provider of the Tooway service. Established in 1981, we have been providing satellite broadband across the UK for over a decade.