Whilst we provide our broadband service via a satellite dish rather than via wires, inside your house, broadband is broadband. Once your satellite broadband service is live, our aim is to provide a fast and reliable service that you can enjoy every day.

If you want to find out some more information, we’ve set-out some of the more common questions that we get asked so please take a look and see if the answer to your question is here. If it isn’t, email your question to [email protected] at any time or call us free on 01869 222 895 during office hours.

PLEASE NOTE: The overall reliability of modern satellites is extremely good. The two most common issues dealt with in our call centre are a) customers that have used their data allowance or exceeded a FAP threshold and b) loss of service via wireless. For (a) you can check your status at any time via the Customer Portal. For (b) – still the most common resolution is to re-boot the router (turn it off and then on again). If something is still wrong, email or give us call, we are always happy to help

Broadband via satellite

What is broadband?

Broadband means very simply, a high-speed connection to the Internet that is 'always on'. Satellite broadband can now deliver up to 22Mbps* download speeds across Europe.

* - Like all UK broadband services, all of the speeds quoted in our website are what is commonly referred to as “up to” speeds. You can access our Fair Access Policy section at the foot of our webpage.

Can I really get reliable Satellite Broadband anywhere in the UK?

Yes - satellite broadband is available ANYWHERE in the UK (and mainland Europe as well) – it really is as simple as that. As long as there is electricity and you can see the sky, we can deliver fast broadband wherever you need it today.

How do I choose the service that's right for me?

We offer several different satellite broadband services with the widest range of data choices for consumer and business. What service or package you choose depends on what you will be using broadband for and how many people will using the system. Our standard consumer packages come with monthly data allowances that stretch from 5GB to 150GB. We also offer unlimited (uncapped) overnight options on selected packages. There are different choices for consumer and business alongside specialist industry specific solutions like broadcast and SNG.

You can see what monthly data you might need on our Package Chooser page. If you are still unsure what package to choose and you would like some free, impartial advice, please call us on 01869 222 895 during office hours and we would be happy to help you.

How much data will I need?

Data usage really depends upon how many users use the service and what main types of online activity do they enjoy. We have a table on our Package Chooser page that gives a recommended range of packages for most households.

Download GB Required 30GB per month - indicative usage per month
1 Music Album of MP4 files 0.05 GB 600 albums
30 minute streamed video eg. iPlayer/youTube 0.5 GB 60 episodes
Movie download (SD) 0.75 GB 40 movies
24 hours web surfing 1.0 GB 30 days of surfing
8 hours of internet radio 1.0GB 30 working days of online radio
100 x 8MP photographs 0.5 GB 6,000 photographs

Am I charged for the time my broadband modem or computer is online?

No. With our packages you pay a set service charge by direct debit each month for a fixed volume of data no matter how often you use it. If you happen to use all of your monthly data you can simply pay to top up with data boosters until the next month (a bit like Pay as You Go Mobile) or alternatively you can simply upgrade to the next package.

Does Satellite Broadband have any limitations I should be aware of?

All satellite services suffer a small (0.7 second) delay known as latency, this has a varying impact upon different internet uses. This means that there are a few specialised uses where it is important to select the correct system for but other than that, there is not much difference between satellite and other broadband services.

In general, no satellite service is ideal for:

  • Online gaming and peer-to-peer networking
  • Some remote control software
  • Certain VPN applications

If you specifically need to do one or more of the above, we recommend that you call us for some advice before you make any decision and we are always happy to advise on such matters. See also the Technical section below that has further information on latency.

Avonline’s Satellite Broadband services

Avonline offers services from two satellite operators - Avanti and Eutelsat, across Europe and the Nordics.

Why should I get satellite broadband from Avonline?

Avonline Broadband is the UK's largest provider of satellite broadband services. We have already connected over 10,000 customers to the latest satellite broadband services.

Amongst other reasons that you can find on the About Avonline page, we offer our Unique Service Promise guaranteeing service levels and price plus our fibre guarantee which means that we’ll upgrade you to fibre if it becomes available where you live.

How fast is satellite broadband?

We offer several different satellite services that offer 15, 22 or 30 Mbps maximum download speeds and 2 or 6 Mbps maximum upload speeds. All satellite packages are "up to" services which means that speeds will vary depending on network usage by all customer. However, at Avonline, we offer customers on our Avanti service a Unique Service Promise which guarantees an average speed of 9Mbps averaged across all customers on a rolling 30 day basis. Find our more about our Unique Service Promise

What equipment do I need?

You supply the computer; a trained installation engineer will install the satellite dish (outside) and connect it to a modem (inside) and also set-up your wireless router if you have purchased one from us.

Can I install it myself?

We recommend a professional installation by one of our trained installers or via our network of accredited installers.

Do I need a phone line?

No you do not.

In fact, if you wish, you can use your satellite broadband service to completely replace your BT landline service. You can also keep your existing telephone number and equipment if you purchase our low cost VoIP service.

Can I use a wireless router ?

Yes. By purchasing a wireless router, anyone at your location can access the broadband connection without needing to physically connect to the modem (hence "wireless"). For most people, this is the easiest way to facilitate multiple users accessing the service at the same time.

When you choose our professional installation service, we will ensure your Avonline wireless router is correctly configured (at no extra charges) when we install your system to make sure it is both secure and working properly. We sell a range of wireless routers to suit all locations from smaller houses with one or two users through to larger properties with four or more users. If you tell us what you need to do, we can recommend the right wireless router for you.

Can I connect more than one user to the service?

Yes – please see the answer above about using a wireless router that will enable you to share your connection with multiple users.

Can I play online games with Avonline Tooway™?

No reputable satellite broadband provider should recommend satellite broadband for the majority of online gaming due to the latency (i.e. the time it takes the signal to get up and down from a satellite 22,000 miles high) – see What is Latency question & answer above if you need more information.

Questions about data and fair access policies

We have a web page dedicated to data management and fair access policies here. The satellite operator may update these policies from time to time so we will always hold current and legacy policies on this webpage for customers to access. Some of the more common questions are covered below .

Are there limits to how much data I can transfer?

Yes, each package has a monthly data allowance. Our packages have a fixed data allowance each month. Once you’ve used up your allowance for the month, your system effectively stops until the next month’s data allowance is credited to your account. If you do run out of data, you can buy booster tokens or upgrade to the next package – see below.

Some packages also offer unlimited (or uncapped) data downloads during the overnight period (e.g. 00:00 to 06:00). If you have this feature, the data used during the qualifying period does not count towards your fixed monthly data allowance.

Depending on which satellite operator is providing your service, there may also be a Fair Access Policy ("FAP") which sets certain limits on how much and when you can use your data such that all customers have the opportunity of fair access to the service. See below.

What is a Fair Access Policy?

If it applies to your service, the "Fair Access Policy" (“FAP”) sets out how the Satellite Operator controls the data passing through their satellite to allow the fairest access to all users. The FAP is implemented to prevent unfair use by a small minority of customers or for anything considered to be an unacceptable use of the network by the Satellite Operator.

The Fair Access Policy may change from time to time at the discretion of the Satellite Operator. Any customer whose usage exceeds the limits set by the Satellite Operator will be classed as a Heavy User and will see their speeds reduced during periods of high network usage until their usage drops back to average levels.

Usually the FAP applies to both upload and download traffic i.e. traffic volume is measured on both the inbound and outbound connection.

What happens if I exceed my traffic usage, will I be cut off?

No, you will not be cut off but your bandwidth will be severely reduced until you start the next monthly cycle. This is to help maintain a consistent quality of service for all users.

Can I buy more data if I exceed my traffic usage?

Yes – you have two choices. If you think that you would be better suited with the data allowance on the next package, we can upgrade you quickly, usually on the same day that you ask us to. You will then benefit for the additional data (on a pro-rata basis for the upgrade month). Alternatively, if you need additional data for a one-off purpose, you can purchase booster tokens, starting at 1GB, which can be added to you account at anytime.

Is the Fair Access Policy applied 24 hours a day?

If it applies to your service, yes it is.

Can I check how much traffic I am using?

Yes, you can check this easily via the Customer Portal which is currently being rebuilt and will be live within a few weeks in the meantime please call us to check your data.

How can I check what download or upload performance I am getting?

To check your speed if you are on a Tooway system please go to http://speedprobe.skylogicnet.com or if you are on SES please go here http://sky.manage and then click on ‘Diagnostics’.

Getting Installed

Usually, getting installed is a one to two hour process that is very straight-forward. We have more information on webpage
About Satellite Broadband including a short video showing you a typical installation.

Do I purchase the equipment?

We offer you the choice of outright purchase upfront or hardware rental with a small monthly payment. On our monthly rental option, we are always responsible for making sure that your system is working. If it breaks at any time, it is our responsibility to repair or replace it for you. If you purchase the hardware outright, we offer a 12 month warranty on the hardware.

How long will it take to get installed and operational?

We usually get customers installed within two working weeks. We do need to get all of your order paperwork correctly completed before we can start. This includes your Service Agreement, Direct Debit Mandate and any Initial Payment for the hardware and/or installation. If you have ordered online, we will telephone you to arrange a convenient installation date if you have asked us to install your system.

What does a Standard Installation consist of?

The standard installation allowed for in our Professional Installation service includes mounting the dish and wall bracket on a standard brick or block wall at a height reachable on a standard double extension ladder and not more than 30m from the proposed location of the modem. We will also configure and set-up your wireless router if you have purchased this from us. We may ask you to complete our Installation Acceptance form for quality control purposes.

What happens if/when I move?

If you wish take the hardware with you, we are happy to advise on de-installation and re-installation charges. Moving the antenna/dish to another location, whether on the same building or otherwise, must be undertaken by an accredited installer? For hardware that you have rented from us, if you wish to terminate the contract, please remember that it is your responsibility to return the hardware to us safely and promptly or you can request us to collect it from you (additional charges apply).

Technical questions

Can you explain what latency means?

Due to the distance travelled by the signal to/from your computer and Satellite Operator’s base via the satellite, all satellite technologies exhibit a short delay between the sending and receiving of any signal at either end. This delay is approximately ¾ second (700 milliseconds). For many applications, it is barely noticeable but where the programme that you are running is frequently sending or receiving multiple smaller data files (e.g. online gaming) the effect can be more pronounced.

If you have any questions on latency, please call us on 01869 222 895 and we'll be glad to help you.

How can I check what download/upload performance I am getting?

See responses above in section "Data and Fair Access policies""

Does the satellite service get affected by weather

The latest Ka band satellite broadband services have a number of features specifically designed to make them robust to most European weather conditions so in general snow or rain should have little impact upon your service. However, torrential rain or very heavy, wet snow may cause a temporary slowing of speeds only in the most extreme conditions.

Our latest services will automatically increase power levels to counteract such conditions. All this happens automatically so if you do experience any slight slowdown in speed, it will normally not last for very long and will return to normal operating speeds by itself. In addition, a standard dish installation is designed to withstand 90kmh winds.

Commercial & Legal

If I choose a discounted offer on my package, what happens ?

If you received a discounted rate, most commonly for the first 12 months of a 24 month contract, but occasionally a 3 month special offer, after the discount period, we will automatically increase your monthly service charge to our published Recommended Retail price (“RRP”).

The current RRP’s for packages that have been offered with an introductory discount are as follows :-

Package Price (£) Price (€)
Tooway Medium £29.95 €34.95
Tooway Large £39.95 €49.95
Tooway XL £49.95 €59.95
Tooway XXL or Absolute £74.95 €89.95

What other charges or costs may apply to my account ?

In accordance with our current Terms and Conditions (see Legal section in footer) we may charge the following amounts according to our prevailing conditions of our service with you :-

Item Price (£)
Equipment – full replacement cost*Depending on product. £300 plus VAT
Equipment Delivery – complete kit inc. dish £30.00 plus VAT
Equipment Delivery – partial kit exc. Dish £25.00 plus VAT
Equipment – Late Collection charge £25.00 plus VAT
Professional Installation or De-installation (UK mainland only) £149.00 plus VAT
Technical Support – remote via Helpdesk (per 15 minute period) £30.00 plus VAT
Technical Support – onsite inc travelling time (per hour) £70.00 plus VAT
3rd Party Repair Costs As invoiced plus 20% handling costs
Standing Order Charge (per month) £5.00 plus VAT
Payment Handling charge (non-DD/SO) – maximum charge per month £8.33 plus VAT
Credit Card collection surcharge 3% of collected value
Downgrade Charge £25.00 plus VAT
Re-send of invoice via email (per invoice) £10.00 plus VAT
Issue of paper copy invoice (per invoice) £20.00 plus VAT

Changes to Terms & Conditions that apply to the provision of the Services

We reserve the right to change our terms and conditions from time to time, the latest version is always accessible via our website in the legal section.

  • March 2014 – Update to Version 7.0
    • Revision to Fair Access Policy information to incorporate expanded product range (Avanti) and new FAP on website;
    • Expansion of Installation section to accommodate new spread payment option;
    • Minor revisions to Equipment section to reflect new pricing offers and throughout to reflect availability of Customer Portal.