We offer static IP packages from Avanti and Tooway. Our Avanti business packages offer our unique 9Mbps speed promise and excellent value for money data packages from 5 to 150GB. Our Tooway enterprise service offers Europe’s fastest business grade service with 6Mbps upload speeds and dedicated bandwidth management.

Our Avanti business packages deliver

15Mbps download, 2Mbps upload

Our Tooway business packages deliver

22Mbps download, 6Mbps upload

For information regarding satellite broadband for the Rest of the World - please call to discuss available options.

See below for information on :-

Business satellite broadband

If you need a broadband connection for business use, we offer a wide range of enhanced Satellite Broadband solutions. You can simply add a fixed IP address to a consumer oriented package or you can choose a dedicated Enterprise satellite broadband package with higher SLA’s.

Satellite solutions can be configured for VPN and enhanced VoIP/Video-conferencing as well as solutions with much high quality upload speeds (up to 6Mbps). For the more technically minded, our satellite solutions use the latest DVB-S standards and Embedded TCP & HTML acceleration technology delivering the best possible web browsing experience over satellite. We can support a multitude of applications including VoIP, FTP and Remote Desktop.

From home broadband improvement for remote or key home-workers with VPNs through to bespoke bandwidth packages for the medium size business with multiple users, we can help.

We have Business Satellite specialists who would be happy to discuss your needs and recommend the right solution. Call us now on 01869 222 895 .

Cloud back-up systems, disaster recovery and redundancy

Operating with up to 6Mbps return path and with some packages offering unmetered overnight data allowances; satellite can be the ideal solution for all cloud based back-up services. Next generation satellite, particularly the Enterprise services from Tooway, can often provide a better upload speed than your main broadband connection. 

Satellite broadband can provide an effective, cost efficient back-up for your main broadband connection – a simple, available anywhere solution for your business recovery. In today's computer-centric world the economic and customers impacts resulting from the loss of your broadband connectivity can be substantial. We now offer a choice of satellite broadband solutions dedicated to giving you the right back-up solution.

For Disaster Recovery, to allow your business to recover from a disaster, we can provide fully configured satellite solution within hours if required so that your organisation can have phone, data or internet service operational no matter what the situation – even if the local infrastructure has been destroyed.

Events, exhibitions & temporary installations

Whether you're holding an event in the middle of the city or the middle of nowhere, we can supply a temporary satellite installation to give you the connectivity that you need. We can advise and deliver wireless and wired solutions to suit any number of connections.

You can rent the system from a single day upwards and our experienced field engineers will make sure that our solution helps to make the most of your event.

We’ve provided solutions to country shows, major festival, sporting events, product road shows, industry forums, concerts and stadiums to name just a few.

Increasingly, we are being asked to provide satellite broadband to deliver voice and data for temporary businesses locations – for example construction or building sites with temporary offices, temporary office sites during building refurbishments etc.

You can get an idea just how cost effective and easily deployable satellite broadband is by looking at our package options but we like to handle all bespoke request in person so please call us on 01869 222 895 and we can discuss what you need – and when you need it.


* - For online/multi-player gaming and other specialist applications, please see more detailed guidance provided in our FAQ section.