The Access Broadband Cymru scheme is open to any premise located in Wales that is not covered by the Superfast Cymru plan.

Avonline has the widest range of satellite broadband packages available under the scheme delivering up to 30Mbps download speeds. All our packages come with no upfront costs.

Service Avanti Consumer Tooway Consumer Tooway Business Avanti Superfast
Peak download speed 15 22 22 30
Peak upload speed 2 6 6 2
Data from 10 - 150GB 10 - 150GB 25 - 200GB 20 - 40GB
Prices from £19.95 £29.95 £59.99 £69.99

Average speed guarantee

We have packages for consumers and businesses and can offer a unique average speed guarantee not available from any other supplier.

Am I eligible?

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