Depending on the size or structure of your home, you may have found that your wireless router is slow or even inaccessible in some rooms.

Homeplugs are a simple and easy way of extending your wireless broadband into those hard to reach areas whenever your need to. Normally homeplugs start as a pair. You plug one into a mains socket near to your existing wireless router and connect them with the cable supplied. You then plug the other homeplug into a socket in the room or area that you need better wireless and connect it to a second wireless router.

That’s it – fast, reliable wireless wherever you need it. You can add additional homeplugs one by one if you need more to get better broadband to other rooms.

Homeplugs start from just £69.99 for a pair so call us now on
0800 130 3131 and we can help you choose the right set for your home.