Thousands of people in the UK already rely on satellite broadband to keep them connected and with the rapid growth of online content, you can't afford to sit and wait hoping one-day high speed broadband will arrive.

So, make sure you get what you want this Christmas - change to fast and reliable satellite broadband from Avonline Broadband and make this Christmas one to remember!

About satellite broadband

Satellite broadband is similar to SkyTV - a small dish receives TV signals from a satellite, then via a modem to a box in your house. Rather than sending the information to you via cable, satellite broadband comes through the air to your dish and computer. 

In addition, our satellite broadband also sends out information to the satellite so you have a fast two-way broadband connection. Both incoming data and any you send is transmitted to the stationary satellite so you get an always-on service.

The set-up and service

A standard installation and set-up is easy using our in-house installers and you'll be up and running in 7 days, we can even supply and set up a wireless router.

You're then ready and able to to access high speed broadband and enjoy all the great things the web has to offer, like: email, streaming TV and films, internet calls and skype.

Get going NOW!

It's simple! Click the button below, decide on the amount of data you might need and then select your preferred package.
You'll then get high-speed broadband from Avonline Broadband in around 7 days.