UK government to move more services online header image

Published: 24th Dec 2012

The UK public sector is moving a number of services online as it attempts to embrace a digital agenda and compete with the efficiency seen in many of its private counterparts, according to minister for the Cabinet Office Francis Maude.

He suggested that a 'digital by default' attitude will help provide savings across the sector and improve efficiency.

"Like the best businesses, we will deliver services online whenever possible, to cut costs and put our customers in control," declared Mr Maude.

A number of different Civil Service roles are to move online, including registration for the National Apprenticeship Service and various Intellectual Property requests.

While the government's digital strategy is set to save cash, there is a concern that those with poor ADSL connections could be left behind.

Age UK recently launched a search for an elderly digital champion to encourage older people to get online.

Posted by Mark Wynn