Rural communities 'find themselves in broadband no man's land' header image

Published: 22nd Dec 2014

The lack of internet connectivity suffered by many people in the UK's rural areas is no secret. 

However, it is important that the issue continues to be raised, as with the growing importance of the web to daily life, these communities run the risk of being left behind if they are unable to enjoy the benefits of going online.

The latest organisation to discuss this problem is the Tenant Farmers Association, whose chief executive George Dunn has recently spoken to on the subject.

"We obviously represent people who live in remote areas of the country where they’re either without fixed line-provision or where they are quite a distance away from the nearest exchange," he stated.

“Therefore they do find themselves in no man's land from the perspective of getting fixed-line provision for broadband," Mr Dunn added.

He told the website that many people are now reporting they need connectivity of at least ten Mbps to make full use of the web, claiming the government's current minimum target of delivering two Mbps is "pretty historic".

Mr Dunn also criticised BT for its "smoke and mirrors" approach to the super-fast rollout and the lack of information that has been published.

He argued that while the Broadband Delivery UK project may claim to have brought basic connectivity to 97 per cent of the country, the remaining three per cent likely covers around 50 per cent of the nation's area.

Mr Dunn claimed the government and BT cannot use the fact these areas are hard to reach as an excuse, as they were given funding to specifically overcome this problem.

The Tenants Farmers Association is the latest organisation to discuss this issue, with the Country Land & Business Association and National Association of Local Councils recently giving evidence to the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee on the subject.

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