YouTube launches new music service header image

Published: 14th Nov 2014

YouTube has launched a new music subscription service, which allows users to pay for an enhanced experience on the video sharing website.

Called YouTube Music Key beta, it will provide subscribers with a number of additional features, such as watching music videos without adverts and listening to songs offline. 

The service is available at an initial monthly price of $7.99 (£5) and comes complete with a subscription to Google Play Music.

A YouTube statement said: "To turn YouTube into your perfect music service, we’re launching YouTube Music Key as a beta with our biggest music fans first, and then we’ll bring YouTube Music Key to the whole world together. So, if you see an invite in your app or email, try it out for six months for free."

It is thought that YouTube has launched the service in a bid to rival the likes of Spotify in the increasingly popular music streaming industry. 

Earlier this year, Spotify revealed its subscriber numbers had reached 40 million, with around a quarter of these paying to use the service.

The company has been making the headlines recently due to the fact Taylor Swift decided to remove her entire back catalogue from the site.

Despite being one of the most listened-to artists on Spotify, the American singer withdrew her music in protest over the royalties artists receive from the streaming service.

The move has proved controversial, with both Spotify and Swift's record label Big Machine quoting different figures regarding how much the pop star has earned through people listening to her through the service.

With rumours circulating that other artists may follow Swift's lead and remove their work from Spotify, YouTube - which is owned by Google - undoubtedly sees this as the ideal time to launch its own rival offering.

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