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Published: 29th Oct 2014

Here at Avonline, our satellite broadband service works by providing you with a certain amount of data each month. The more data you use, the more you'll pay for your connection. This way you'll be paying for a broadband service that is based around what you actually do online and you won't be shelling out for a level of connectivity that you don't need. 

Got some questions about how your data allowance works? Answers to some of the most common queries we receive are below.

What is data?
In basic terms, the internet works by transmitting data signals across a complex network. As a result, every time you do something online you receive this data on your computer or device. The exact amount of data that is transmitted depends on the activity you are carrying out. For instance, streaming a film in high definition uses a lot more data than just viewing a standard web page. You also use data by uploading things, such as photos, to the web.

We measure the amount of data you are using in gigabytes (GB). You can find out how much data typical online activities consume by clicking here.

How can I track my data usage?
If you'd like to keep track of your data usage, you can do so through our customer portal, which you will be able to access one you have subscribed. However, even if you forget to keep an eye on this, we will send you a message once you're nearing your limit, so it won't come as a surprise if you exceed your data allowance.

What happens if I go over my data allowance?
Should you go over your data allowance you will not be cut off from your broadband connection, but the speed of your service will be reduced until the end of the month in question. We do this to ensure people do not undermine the performance of our network for other users by exceeding their agreed data usage. Alternatively, you can choose to upgrade to another package with a greater data allowance and there is no charge involved when doing this.

Can I pay for more data?
If you get part way through a month and think you will need more data than your package allows, you have two options. As mentioned above, you can upgrade to a package with a higher data allowance and we can normally get this finalised the same day you request the change.Your other option is to purchase booster tokens, which allow you to increase your data allowance for one month only by paying a one-off fee. These start from one GB and can be added to your account at any time.

It's also possible to drop down to a package with a smaller data allowance, although we do charge a small admin fee in these cases.

Got some more questions? You can find more information here, or feel free to get in touch with a member of our team.