Gloucestershire village wants broadband upgrade header image

Published: 29th Sep 2014

A campaign has been started to improve broadband in the south Gloucestershire village of Shepperdine.

Local councillor Matthew Riddle and resident Matt Morgans, told the Bristol Post they want BT and South Gloucestershire Council to include the data cabinet that serves the area in the rollout of super-fast broadband.

"The primary Cabinet 23 is not in the programme and I am pressing for it to be included," Mr Riddle stated. 

He claimed that if the cabinet is omitted, a situation could occur in which certain houses have faster broadband while their neighbours do not. 

Mr Morgans said the service he currently receives is very slow and unreliable. "This is affecting our children's education and my work," he stated.

The Shepperdine resident said he moved to Shepperdine from nearby Thornbury, where he was able to receive super-fast speeds, but is now "lucky" to get a connection of one Mbps. 

Mr Morgan claimed access to better broadband in the region is a "lottery" based on location.