Internet-based companies feature heavily on coolest brand list header image

Published: 26th Sep 2014

New research has demonstrated the growing influence of the internet, as web-based companies feature heavily in CoolBrands' new list of the most popular brands in the UK.

Technology giant Apple was placed number one in the Top 20 CoolBrands ranking, while Google, YouTube and Netflix all appeared in the top ten. Also featured on the list was photo-sharing mobile app Instagram, which came in at 14th.

However, there was no place for Twitter on the top 20, with the social media giant dropping out for the first time in three years. 

CoolBrands spokesperson Stephen Cheliotis stated: "It was refreshing to see unique and original brands such as Instagram and Netflix join the top 20."

He said both companies have impacted their respective markets by "shaking up the status quo" and "forcing rivals to up the ante".

Some of the non web-based brands that made the list include Aston Martin, Nike, Chanel and Glastonbury.