Ofcom 'to change broadband switching process' header image

Published: 6th Nov 2012

The process that allows broadband subscribers to switch to a new system is to be overhauled in order to make life easier for consumers by the end of 2012, UK regulatory body Ofcom has claimed.

Ofcom has been working on changing the system since it published a report into the problems facing consumers attempting to switch to satellite broadband or other kinds of services in 2010.

It told ISP Review that an update on the next steps is expected "to be made in due course".

"Ofcom's review of consumer switching is a key priority as it is vital that consumers can choose the broadband or telephone service that best suits their needs," explained the regulatory organisation.

A recent report from the organisation revealed that the internet is an increasingly important part of many people's lives, with children spending longer online than ever before and web access becoming a major part of the educational process.

Posted by Justin McKenzie