More people using VoIP, figures show header image

Published: 16th Jun 2011

New figures show more and more people are using their internet connection to access VoIP services.

Conducted by websource organisation Point Topic, research found that up to 120 million individuals around the world take advantage of the solution.

While many users are situated in Western Europe, the number of people making VoIP calls in Asia is increasing, the company revealed.

Senior analyst at Point Topic John Bosnell stated that although initial uptake of the service has been "bumpy", it looks as though this is changing.

"VoIP has all the hallmarks of a classic substitution commodity," he added.

A substitution commodity is when individuals look at a new product that delivers the same - or better - service than their current provider and decide to switch if the price is right.

Speaking to Gadget recently, chief executive officer of Du Pont Telecom Graeme Victor claimed VoIP offers "many advantages" to enterprises, although it is important for them to manage security risks.