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Published: 22nd Sep 2014

Consumer group Which? has criticised the service offered by the UK's major broadband providers.

A survey carried out by the organisation found there is widespread customer dissatisfaction with the likes of BT, EE, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media. 

These companies account for 90 per cent of the UK's broadband connections, but none managed a customer satisfaction score of more than 53 per cent. BT and EE were the worst performing, with only 49 per cent of their users happy respectively. 

"You shouldn't have to put up with a bad connection or poor customer service from your broadband provider and you don't have to," Which? stated.

The organisation's survey, which took into account the opinions of some 2,000 customers, found people are more happy with the service offered by smaller broadband providers.

Three of these firms received customer satisfaction scores of more than 75 per cent, while at least nine in ten of their users said they would be willing to recommend the company to a friend. 

Which? advised those people who are unhappy with their current broadband service to consider switching provider, saying the process is more straightforward than they may have imagined.

In June, Ofcom revealed EE was the most complained about major broadband provider in the first quarter of this year. The telecoms watchdog found that for every 1,000 of its customers, the company received 0.42 complaints. Service faults, billing and problems with changing broadband provider were cited as the main reasons behind these grievances.

The average number of complaints among the five major broadband providers was 0.18 per 1,000 customers.

Ofcom has recently revealed it is concerned with the standard of communications services currently available to the UK's small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and is actively looking into what can be done to improve this.

Regarding broadband, it said: "Better availability for SMEs as well as residential consumers is a priority."