Mayor wants super-fast broadband for 99% of homes in London header image

Published: 18th Sep 2014

At a recent conference, Boris Johnson revealed that he wants 99 per cent of homes and businesses in London to have access to super-fast broadband in just four year’s time.

He met with some of the UK’s largest broadband providers to discuss potential strategies that would allow London to become one of the most connected cities in Europe.

At the moment, approximately nine out of ten premises in the capital has access to super-fast broadband, according to Ofcom estimates, but the mayor of London wants to see this increase to almost 100 per cent.

"The internet is now considered the fourth utility and if we are to remain competitive in the global economy and bolster our reputation as the greatest city on earth we need to ensure every Londoner is able to access the very best digital connectivity," Mr Johnson stated.

According to the mayor, 6,500 premises in the capital are situated in ‘not spots’, leaving them without access to super-fast broadband and in some cases even without basic provisions.

Mr Johnson believes that the capital's businesses and residents must be given the opportunity to reap the benefits of super-fast broadband.