Slow broadband 'can reduce house prices by a quarter' header image

Published: 29th Aug 2014

A poor broadband connection can take as much as 25 per cent of the value of a house.

This is according to online estate agency housesimple, which has claimed a good level of connectivity is now vital for house hunters.

Alexander Gosling, managing director of the organisation, discussed the issue with the Express.

"We live in a connected world and most people couldn’t survive without a fast broadband connection at home," he stated.

Mr Gosling's sentiment was echoed by Carol Peett of The County Homesearch Company, who told the newspaper houses that have no access to broadband have become "virtually unsaleable" in recent years.

She said that while a good level of connectivity was formerly only a top priority for business owners, it is currently high on the agenda for all house hunters.

"Now it has become part of daily life for everyone from retirees to people with children," Ms Gosling said.