Slow Derbyshire broadband 'holding back businesses' header image

Published: 27th Aug 2014

A Derbyshire businessman has claimed slow broadband in the county is holding back businesses.

James McKay, whose Ashover-based company the Honeybank group provides exotic animals for use in films and TV programmes, claimed he is currently struggling with connection speeds of just 1.1 Mbps, despite paying the maximum amount for his broadband service.

Speaking to the Derbyshire Times, he said he relies on being able to send picture of his animals to high-profile clients such as Warner Bros and the BBC.

“If I can’t email pictures to people then they will go to my competitors," Mr McKay said.

He claimed the lack of connectivity is costing him money and "stifling" the growth of his business. The animal expert also expressed frustration that nearby villages such as Tansley and Matlock have better broadband services than Ashover.

Mr Mckay's situation is not unique, as lack of reliable internet access is widely regarded as a barrier to business success in rural areas across the UK.