Essex villager hits out at 'broadband charlatans' header image

Published: 26th Aug 2014

A resident of an Essex village has hit out at the quality of broadband in the county.

Roy Pittman, who lives in Fryerning, told the Brentwood Gazette he is currently forced to get by with a very slow service and there is unlikely to be an upgrade anytime soon.

"It's a low quality of broadband, it never really gets above 1.6 megabytes per second and you can't get good access. There's very little you can do because you just haven't got the bandwidth."

Mr Pittman said that despite this lack of connectivity, his area has been omitted from the Superfast Essex scheme as the county council considers the service in the village to be "good enough".

Those areas not receiving a high-speed service from the project should be given a minimum connection speed of two Mbps, but Mr Pittman believes even this is not currently possible. 

He described the broadband operators in the region as "charlatans" and said the council must "ensure they are not just focusing on high-density areas of population where profitability is greater, and address rural need".

With a large number of rural villages in the county, the subject of poor broadband in Essex has made a lot of headlines in recent weeks. 

Last month, a villager from Tendring told the Harwich and Manningtree Standard he is currently getting by on speeds of just 0.6 Mpbs. Furthermore, uSwitch has named Wheatley Road at Corringham, Stanford-le-Hope as the street with the joint-slowest broadband in the whole of the UK.

In May, the Essex County Standard reported that the village of Welshwood Park is struggling with speeds little faster than 2.1 Mbps, which is having a negative impact on house prices. This problem has been linked to the fact residents turned down the chance to have underground broadband cables laid in the 1990s. 

Each of these villages could benefit from turning to satellite broadband, which can provide speeds of up to 22 Mbps anywhere in the UK.