Companies 'need to remove barriers to remote working' header image

Published: 7th Nov 2012

Companies need to do all they can to encourage their workers to operate remotely, it has been claimed.

Norma Pearce of headset technology firm Plantronics told HR Magazine that allowing staff to work from home can help a firm cut its overheads and carbon footprint.

A study recently conducted by O2 showed nearly two-thirds of UK-based businesses expect their workforce to become increasingly mobile in the next two years and Ms Pearce said this can help organisations keep hold of their top talent.

She confirmed all of her staff are mobile workers who head into the office on a Monday before being left to their own devices for the rest of the week.

Developments such as Tooway Broadband ensure that workers can get a reliable internet connection whether they are in the office or at home.

As long as employees are trustworthy, they should be given the opportunity to manage their own work-life balance, Ms Pearce asserted.

"If you have line managers that are acting as road blocks to remote working then remove them as they're stopping what could be a platform of growth for your business," she was quoted as saying.

Posted by Mark Wynn