UK's slowest broadband street is in Lincolnshire, study shows header image

Published: 8th Nov 2012

Cromarty Road in Stamford, Lincolnshire is the slowest broadband street in the UK, according to a new report from uSwitch.

Residents in this area get a pitiful average download speed of just 0.132Mbps - an astonishing 500-times slower than Britain's fastest street in Telford, Shropshire.

Lincolnshire certainly is getting the raw end of the deal, as it has three of the ten worst broadband zones in the country.

As well as Cromarty Road, people living in Burghley Road in Lincoln and Woodlands Drive in Colsterworth are blighted by poor ADSL connections.

Too many areas receive substandard internet services and Conservative MP Jake Berry recently wrote in the Guardian that the UK's widening digital divide needs to be dealt with.

Julia Stent - a broadband expert at uSwitch - suggested the study highlights just how much work the UK has to do if it is to fulfil its ambitious internet infrastructure targets.

"Worryingly, the government's super-fast broadband rollout is heavily geared towards urban areas, which will only widen the rural-urban broadband gap," she remarked.

Posted by Craig Roberts