Complaints over broadband at new Bristol housing development header image

Published: 18th Aug 2014

Residents of a new housing development near Bristol are unhappy at the broadband service they have been provided with.

According to the Bristol Post, the 6,000 people due to move into the site to the north of the city will have no option but to use a connection supplied by service provider seethelight.

Jenna Gaff, who recently moved into Charlton Hayes, told the newspaper: "Broadband has become one of those things people simply cannot live without. It is like water and electricity.

"We all need broadband for our work, but what I didn't realise is that one company has a monopoly in Charlton Hayes."

"These days everyone expects to have broadband along with the utilities when you move into a house," she added.

As a result of her unhappiness with the situation, Ms Gaff has started an online petition to give the residents of Charlton Hayes more choice about their broadband provider.

This is not the first time broadband has proved to be an issue at a Bristol housing development. Earlier this year, the Bristol Post reported on the situation at Aurora Springs, which was lacking a decent level of connectivity despite being dubbed the "village of the future".

In 2013, research carried out by Uswitch found there is a wide level of variation between broadband services within Bristol. For example, in the BS14 postcode district the average connection speed was 21.44 Mpbs, but in the BS40 region it was just 4.06 Mbps. 

This is a difference of 81 per cent and means Bristol had the third highest level of discrepancy in the country. It was only behind Glasgow and Birmingham, where the difference between the fastest and slowest connections was 85 per cent and 89 per cent respectively.

More recently, Ofcom reported there are large variations in broadband speeds within the UK's major cities, with deprived areas often having a lower level of connectivity.