Yet more Brits watching BBC iPlayer header image

Published: 5th Aug 2014

The number of people using their broadband connection to view content on BBC iPlayer has increased.

Figures from the broadcaster show some 260 million viewing requests were made in June, which represents a nine per cent rise on the same time last year.

There was a marked increase in live viewing, with many people choosing to stream coverage of sporting events such as the World Cup, Test Cricket and Wimbledon. For example, some 600,000 people chose to watch Brazil's clash with Chile in the second round of the World Cup live through the service.

In terms of individual programmes, the one-off BBC Three drama Murdered by My Boyfriend was the most popular, generating close to two million requests. Another strong performer was the David Beckham documentary Into the Unknown, which received 1.2 million requests.

The BBC said there is an even split among men and women in iPlayer users, but the vast majority are under 55-year-olds. Use of the online service tends to be roughly similar to traditional TV in terms of the time of day during which people watch content, although there is a slight preference towards daytime and late peak-time usage.

On average, iPlayer received 8.7 million requests everyday in June, which is up by 700,000 on the figure for the same month a year earlier. 

Tablets and computers both accounted for roughly 30 per cent of requests, with mobile devices, internet-connected TVs and games consoles making up the bulk of the remainder.

Last year, iPlayer attracted a total of three billion viewing requests, which was close to one billion higher than the figure recorded in 2012.

According to research from uSwitch, the average Briton now spends seven hours watching TV content online. Services such as Netflix are increasingly popular, with research from the Post Office revealing 55 per cent of people are signed up to on-demand streaming providers like this.