Lack of fast broadband 'leaves Penzance businesses at competitive disadvantage' header image

Published: 1st Aug 2014

Businesses in Penzance town centre are at a disadvantage due to a lack of super-fast broadband.

This is according to town councillor Rob Simmons, who has discussed the issue with The Cornishman.

He told the newspaper the rollout of super-fast services has not reached many areas of the town centre and businesses are suffering as a result.

"I think the time has come for super-fast broadband to not only skirt around the town centre but include the businesses that are at the economic heart of our town," he stated.

Mr Simmons said he intends to lobby the local council and BT in a bid to get this issue resolved.

The Cornishman also discussed the problem with business owners themselves, one of whom likened the current situation to allowing one company's delivery vans to drive at 70mph while another firm can only go at 50mph. 

They claimed the lack of connectivity means it is not worthwhile for them to invest in the website technology being used by their competitors.