Cheshire villagers reveal broadband woes header image

Published: 30th Jul 2014

A Cheshire village is struggling with slow broadband speeds and parts of it are set to miss out on an upgrade to super-fast connectivity.

Residents of St Clements Row in Chorlton told they only receive a maximum download speed of 0.5 Mbps and are currently having to rely on mobile broadband and dongles to get online. 

The villagers will not benefit from the Connecting Cheshire project that aims to bring super-fast internet to the county, because the distance between telephone infrastructure and the houses on St Clements Row is too great.

"Existing technology can’t overcome these issues. New technology would be needed to solve this problem using the existing infrastructure," a spokesperson for the government-backed scheme claimed.

However, the exclusive Wychwood Park housing estate, which is located only 100m away and is reportedly home to celebrities such as Jeremy Kyle and darts player Phil Taylor, will receive an upgrade to super-fast broadband.

The housing estate already has superior speeds of between four and five Mbps and this is a development that has understandably left the residents of St Clements Row disgruntled.