Harborough 'hinterlands to miss out on super-fast rollout' header image

Published: 18th Jul 2014

Some areas of Harborough will still be omitted from Leicestershire County Council's super-fast rollout despite extra funding being provided for the district. 

Matthew Kempson, broadband project manager for the local authority, revealed some of the 'hinterlands' in the area will miss out due to the high cost that would be involved in extending connectivity to them, the Harborough Mail reports.

Residents of the district had previously contacted the newspaper to complain of the slow connection speeds they currently receive.

The Welland Valley Broadband Group was set up in response to this and campaigns for broadband improvements across the Harborough area.

District councillor Barbara Johnson said she has concerns about the way the rollout has been handled.

"The county council's communication resources should have been used to comprehensively inform and consult with those waiting longest," he stated.