Survey reveals broadband terms and conditions confusion header image

Published: 10th Jul 2014

A high number of Britons are confused by the terms and conditions of their broadband service.

This is according to a new survey carried out by ISPreview, which found 44.9 per cent of people think the details of broadband contracts are hard to understand.

Only 8.7 per cent said they find their terms and conditions easy to get their head around, while 46.3 per cent claimed they think understanding them is an average level of difficulty. 

When asked if they read the terms when signing up with a new broadband provider, 34.3 per cent of respondents said yes. Slightly less (32.7 per cent) revealed they read them to a certain extent, while the remaining 34.3 per cent do not look at them at all.

Being too long was cited as the main gripe people have with terms and conditions, while confusing words and small text were also problems.

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