Slow broadband causes problems at new Yeovil housing development header image

Published: 16th Jul 2014

A newly-built housing estate in Yeovil is struggling to access a decent broadband service.

Residents at Wyndham Park, which was constructed in 2010, have raised concerns that they only have broadband speeds of around one Mbps - significantly slowly than many other parts of the UK.

The impact of such a slow broadband service is having a significant impact on the 400 homes on the development and residents have called for their local MP to become involved in the campaign to improve access.

Local resident Richard Lord told "I'm a website developer and work from home. Half the time I have to wait 30 minutes to upload files for clients."

He added: "There are lots of students on the estate who can't do their homework and some are studying for Open University degrees. I know one resident who travels to McDonalds every day just to use the free Wi-Fi."

Mr Lord has also set up a petition to encourage the local council to upgrade the estate to allow faster download and upload speeds.