Council to offer broadband to Wandsworth tenants header image

Published: 14th Nov 2012

Wandsworth Council is looking at ways to offer super-fast broadband services to social housing tenants across the district.

The local authority wants to ensure council house occupants are not blighted by poor ADSL connections.

At the moment, many people in the area are reliant on copper wire internet services, which are becoming outdated.

The council said 85 per cent of Wandsworth residents currently have some form of online access, which is up from 74 per cent five years ago.

However, only two-thirds of council tenants currently have an internet connection.

The government recently revealed plans to digitise even more of its services in the near future and there is a danger that people without super-fast broadband will be increasingly isolated from the rest of society.

"Government benefits will merge into one monthly payment from October 2013 and it's expected that this will need to be managed online," Wandsworth Council added.

The local authority's housing committee was due to meet today (November 14th) to discuss the council's broadband plans.

Posted by Mark Wynn