No broadband plans in Queen's Speech 'a missed opportunity' header image

Published: 6th Jun 2014

The absence of new rural broadband targets from the Queen's Speech this year represents a missed opportunity for the government, according to one campaigning group.

In a statement issued in response to the monarch's address on Wednesday (June 4th), the Countryside Alliance claimed the new Infrastructure Bill should have included measures to "allow faster delivery" of rural mobile phone and broadband coverage.

"Digital communications should be considered as an essential part of our national infrastructure and key to economic growth," the group insisted.

The Countryside Alliance has in the past criticised the government's target for 95 per cent superfast broadband coverage by 2017, claiming many consumers and businesses in rural areas have been overlooked.

In April, it argued that while schemes such as Broadband Delivery UK were to be commended, there were still signs of a "digital apartheid" developing in the country.

Do you agree with the Countryside Alliance's comments? Is the government letting down residents of the UK's remotest corners by refusing to fund new broadband deployments?