Leicestershire campaign group says two-year wait for better broadband is unacceptable header image

Published: 19th Jun 2014

A broadband campaign group in Leicestershire is unhappy residents may have to wait until 2016 for an improved service

The Welland Valley group has been established to try and raise support for increased connectivity in part of the south-east of the county, which is due to miss out on the local council and BT's project to bring super-fast internet to the region. 

Martin Griffin, the organisation's chairman, told the Lutterworth Mail: "Leicestershire County Council has informed us we can expect some improvement in 2016 - a two-year delay at best is unacceptable."

Around 3,800 homes in the area are set to miss out on the super-fast rollout, despite residents having to rely on speeds of just three Mbps or lower.

The village of Horninghold is one of the places set to be affected and Mr Griffin warned its economic future looks bleak, as the lack of reliable broadband makes it "impossible" to run a business.