Better broadband 'would see music streaming take off in UK' header image

Published: 24th Jun 2014

Better broadband would see music streaming become more popular in the UK.

This is according to Jacob Herbst, director of digital sales and business development for Sony Music in Sweden, who has discussed the issue with BBC Newsbeat. 

He told the broadcaster a good level of connectivity is one of the major reasons streaming services such as Spotify and Deezer are so popular in Sweden and he expects the technology to "take off" in the UK should broadband be improved. 

While Mr Herbst believes there is still room for streaming to become more popular in Britain, data from the British Phonographic Industry has revealed it generated more than £100 million for the country's music industry in 2013.

Meanwhile, from next month onwards streaming figures will be included in the official UK music charts, demonstrating how popular this method of listening to singles and albums is becoming. 

Martin Talbot, managing director of the Official Charts Company, told BBC News the move is about "future-proofing" the charts.