Poor broadband causing 'huge issues for small businesses' header image

Published: 30th Jun 2014

Poor quality broadband connections are providing problems for the UK's small businesses.

This is according to Mike Cherry, national policy chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses, who has recently discussed the issue with the Financial Times.

Mr Cherry told the publication he believes the government's target of providing the entire UK with a minimum connection speed of two Mbps is not sufficient for the needs of modern small companies.

"There are some huge, huge issues around broadband," he stated. 

The business expert claimed part of the problem is the discrepancy between business and home broadband services.

He said the Federation of Small Businesses has seen numerous examples of companies based in business parks that have a lack of connectivity, while nearby housing estates have a fast and reliable level of service.

Broadband was one of the problems Mr Cherry said the UK's small businesses are facing; others include a lack of access to credit and a shortage of skilled workers.