Prime minister backs digital skills charity  header image

Published: 16th Nov 2012

Prime minister David Cameron has backed a UK charity that aims to provide more Britons with digital skills.

Go ON UK has been set up with the intention of making the nation the "most digitally capable in the world".

The group insisted that 4.5 million people in the workplace are not making the most of new developments such as satellite broadband and up to £5.1 billion could be saved if UK residents were better equipped to use the internet.

Mr Cameron said it is vital Britain takes advantage of the potential that advanced technology brings.

"I warmly welcome this important initiative to help equip the UK with the digital skills that the country needs," he remarked, before adding that the government will also do all it can to get people up to speed on how to use online services.

Go ON UK has a number of high-profile partners, including E.ON, the BBC, Age UK and the Lloyds Banking Group.

Posted by Mark Wynn