Essex village runs into broadband problems header image

Published: 16th May 2014

A village is Essex is suffering with slow and unreliable broadband.

People living in Welshwood Park can only access connection speeds of 2.1 Mbps despite the fact nearby areas have services up to 20 Mbps, the Essex County Standard reports.

Two decades ago, the residents of the village were offered the chance to have underground cables laid to boost internet access but turned the opportunity down. 

However, they are now concerned about the impact the slow speeds are having on house prices.

Peter Halliday, chairman of the Welshwood Park Residents Association, told the newspaper: "I get the impression they didn't want the street dug up 20 years ago, but they didn't realise how important broadband would be."

Essex County Council has said it is unable to provide any funding to improve connectivity in the village, meaning residents will have to pay for any work themselves. It is not yet known how much money would be required.