Buckingham housing development's broadband wait may soon come to an end header image

Published: 20th May 2014

A Buckingham housing estate that has been without broadband for months may soon be connected. 

Some residents of the 700-home Windsor Park development have been unable to go online since before Christmas, but BT may now be ready to extend connectivity to the area, the Buckingham Advertiser and Review reports.

Local people have expressed their unhappiness about the wait, with one person saying they would "definitely have thought twice" about moving to the development had they known they would be unable to go online. 

The resident added they work from home regularly and this makes a reliable internet connection vital. He said his family have been forced to use a mobile dongle, which has proved very expensive.

Another person stated: "It’s outrageous so many people are having to wait so long for something that’s a basic requirement nowadays."

County councillor Robin Stuchbury said the residents of Windsor Park need to be online "just to take part in the modern world".