Ofcom highlights importance of broadband speeds header image

Published: 19th Nov 2012

Consumers with poor ADSL connections are often unwilling or unable to make use of "data-hungry" services such as video streaming, according to a new report from regulatory body Ofcom.

It revealed that broadband speeds seem to be a significant constraint on how much data consumers can use on the internet, with high-definition TV and the downloading of large files largely confined to those with super-fast connections.

If a two-tier service is to be avoided it is important internet access is consistent across the UK, Ofcom explained.

Some ten per cent of UK consumers have broadband speeds of below 2Mbps, a significant improvement from last year's 14 per cent, the report stated.

This will be a boost for the government's plans to make the UK Europe's best-connected country by 2015.

Britons struggling with their connection speeds could consider Tooway Broadband's satellite service, which is especially useful for rural areas lacking in infrastructure.

Posted by Mark Wynn