ACRE hits out at rural broadband header image

Published: 28th May 2014

A rural community charity has criticised the quality of broadband services in rural areas. 

Action with Communities in Rural England (ACRE) wants more to done to ensure people in the countryside have access to fast and reliable connections. 

Paul Dixon, the organisation's policy officer, told "People are still being penalised for living in rural areas."

He added he is "hopeful" the government's £10 million fund for innovative technologies - such as satellite broadband - will help to improve connectivity in England's hardest-to-reach communities.

This fund was announced several months ago and aims to bring fast and reliable broadband to the final five per cent of areas not covered by the government's Broadband Delivery UK project.

Satellite broadband is ideally suited to this purpose as it can provide the same level of connectivity regardless of location, making it just as effective in an isolated rural area as in a large city.