Northumberland still in the dark over broadband rollout header image

Published: 1st Apr 2014

A request for information regarding the rollout of super-fast broadband in Northumberland has been denied. 

The Northumberland Gazette asked BT for details of when and where they will be improving connectivity in the region after a reader asked them to do so in a letter.

However, BT regional partnership manager Simon Roberson told the newspaper this information is not yet available.

He said the rollout of improved services is being planned in stages, as this is the most cost-effective approach.

Mr Roberts claimed location residents are "better to suffer the frustration now", rather than buy a home in an area that is expected to receive super-fast connectivity only for plans to change later down the line.

This is the latest in a series of media reports about Northumberland's broadband, with a local politician recently telling the Gazette the rollout is in "chaos" due to funding cuts and the removal of key personnel working on the project.