Businesses 'must be aware of internet risks' header image

Published: 20th Nov 2012

It is important that businesses using satellite broadband and other services for getting online are aware of the risks posed by cyber security threats, an expert has advised.

Dominic Storey, technical director for Europe, the Middle East and Asia at, noted that many organisations across the country are now aware of the possibility of targeted attacks on their network, but warned they need to be prepared for how to deal with problems of this kind.

"Sometimes you can be a casualty of someone else's attack, as most people who have had their credit cards compromised can attest to," Mr Storey explained.

With this in mind, smaller businesses are no longer safer than their larger counterparts, as even a minor attack can cause them serious inconvenience and difficulties.

The Information Commissioner's Office was recently urged to focus more on education than punishment in helping businesses cope with the threat of online fraud.

Posted by Mark Wynn