Amazon to launch new TV streaming product header image

Published: 4th Apr 2014

Amazon has launched a new streaming product that will allow people to make use of online TV services

The Fire TV is a set-top box that will let users stream catch-up and on-demand programmes through their television rather than computer. 

They will also be able to play computer games that are normally only available on smartphones and tablets through the product. 

"People play games on tablets but they want to play on TV," Amazon's Peter Larsen stated.

The Fire TV is to be released immediately in the US and will cost $99 (£59). Technology industry analysts believe the product has been released to allow Amazon to compete with Apple and Google, which already have similar offerings on the market.

Online TV is becoming increasingly common in the UK, with research from the Post Office and Freeview revealing over half of Britons now use paid streaming services like Netflix.