Over half of Brits annoyed by buffering when watching TV online header image

Published: 9th Apr 2014

A significant number of people are unhappy with unreliable broadband disrupting their attempts to stream TV shows online

This is according to new research from broadbandchoices, which found the internet is increasingly replacing DVDs as people's method of choice for watching box sets.

However, the organisation also discovered many Britons are annoyed by poor quality broadband leading to buffering when they try and watch shows like Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad. 

Close to two-thirds of respondents said programmes are slow to load on their connection, while 57 per cent have had problems with streams stopping and starting. 

Dominic Baliszewski of broadband choices commented: "If you're addicted to these shows and your broadband goes bad - or is simply not up to the task - it can be an incredibly painful experience."

The popularity of online streaming is evident from the latest BBC iPlayer figures, which show the service received three billion viewing requests in 2013.