More than one in four Brits own a tablet header image

Published: 10th Apr 2014

Over a quarter of people in the UK now own a tablet. 

This is according to the latest Internet Advertising Bureau Digital Adspend report, which was conducted by PwC.

It found tablet ownership has grown 63 per cent year on year from 11 million at the start of 2013 to 17.9 million by February this year. 

Some 57 per cent of tablet owners said the device is their primary means of accessing the internet while at home. 

Meanwhile, two-thirds of people now go online through a PC or laptop and mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone. 

When asked what area of their life would be most affected if they had no internet access, 48 per cent cited banking and finance. 

A further 37 per cent said keeping up with current affairs, while 35 per cent noted it would have an impact on their relationships with friends and family.