Larne councillor wants rural broadband improvements header image

Published: 16th Apr 2014

A Larne councillor has called for better broadband in his council area.

James McKeown, who covers the Coast Road region for Sinn Fein, told the Larne Times broadband improvements in the area must be carried out on time as the internet is becoming vital for farmers.

"The farming community is becoming more reliant on online applications such as those for their Single Farm Payment," he stated.

Mr McKeown also said farmers can use the internet for help with stock records and applications for the Farm Modernisation Scheme are given more credence when made online. 

This is not the first time the issue of better broadband for farmers has been raised, as in January the UK's Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs warned some individuals may not be able to access government payments if connectivity is not improved.

The same issue has also been raised by organisations such as the Tenant Farmers Association in the past.